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"Loppis" is a Swedish word which means garage sale or flea market. There are lots of recycle shops in Sweden where people are much interested in environmental issues and it connected with a consciousness of recycle and reuse. In there, almost all of the things from daily necessities such as furniture, clothes, or books to unfamiliar things like old photographs, dolls and various things look like junk are accumulated in one place. They are waiting for the day to pass into other hands with unique shine as fragments of lives which once did exist and which weaves another story.
What has brought them here? We can see not only something which once clearly existed somewhere in this land but also simultaneous stories. I tried to show the connection with invisible presence of others beyond temporal and spatial boundaries by means of visualizing my personal images evoked from multiplying these objects which have memories of former owners and the landscapes of this country taken by myself as a gathering of memories.