score(#scene1 / Tokyo)


Every city could be said to have its own ‘score’, best discerned as we explore on foot. The structures in a city – buildings, highways, indeed all of the built environment – could be imaginatively coded as musical notes in a symphony of urban instruments which play a certain ‘tune’. City dwellers pick up the city’s tune and their inner world is changed. Ebb and flow, surge and slackening. Visually, we can receive from our own minds a corresponding image or series of images to accompany that aural experience.
In this series of photographs I have tried to visualise the score of my current home, Tokyo. It could be seen as my response to the city and to the Tokyo region, arising from my personal experience of Tokyo. Electrical wires are a distinctive part of the landscape of Tokyo and other Japanese cities. I imagine them as a kind of staff notation, on which the built environment inscribes its own particular tune, creating a unique musical story. My images are a correlative to that aural experience.